If you want to send a package, drop me an email to find out the appropriate address.

Wholesale is encouraged, and I deal direct with stores/distros. Trades are possible, but selective. 

If you run a store, you can get some of our releases via Cargo in the UK, and Ebullition and Rev  in America. If you would like to help elsewhere, please get in touch, thank you.

If I've missed your distro / label out let me know and I’ll put you up here asap, thanks for the support!!

La Vida Es Un Mus, Rough Trade, All Ages, Suspect Device, Milque and Muhle, Muscle Horse, Hot Salvation, Viral Age.

Don't Buy Records, Bis Auf Messer, Crucifados, Static Shock Berlin, Hardware, Even Worse, XsentinentX, Kink, Gummopunx.

USA / Canada:
Sorry State Records, Grave Mistake, 540, Rev HQ, Video Disease, Beach Impediment, Soap and Spikes, Feral Ward, Deranged, Toxic City.

Helta Skelta.

Punk and Destroy, Hyper Enough.