Tuesday, 13 August 2019

PHYSIQUE hit Europe

Olympia's PHYSIQUE will be coming to the UK and Europe for the first time in November! They'll also have a new release coming out on Static Shock for over here and Distort Reality over there. More info on that later.

Wednesday, 5 June 2019


Say hi to MINIMA! A new Barcelona band featuring members of UNA BESTIA INCONTROLABLE, NO, FATAMORGANA, BARCELONA and SNOR. Their debut LP is just around the corner and up for pre-order now. Should be out for the end of the month! Check out a couple of tracks at the link below.

"The first album by Minima, a new band comprising of members of No, Una Bestia Incontrolable, Snor and Barcelona is full of the kind of choice punk you'd expect of such a pedigree: jabbing riffs thrumming out, buzzed up with an insistent pull, clipped clattering beats pinning it down, vocals delivered with a potent snarl, accusatory and savage. From fizzing pogo of 'Adolescente', to 'Cicatriz's threatening hum, the whole album strikes a sharp balance between the big-riffing hardcore of someone like Glue or Nekra, and the Catalan / Spanish primitive-punk lineage that runs from Qloaqa Letal to dirt-raw rippers Pinen. (Joe Briggs)"

Monday, 20 May 2019

NEGATIVE GEARS European tour

NEGATIVE GEARS will be coming over from Sydney for their first European tour in a couple of weeks time. Try and see them if they play near you, they've come a long way! 

01.06.2019 Eisenberg - H2O Turm Festival 
02.06.2019 Kiel - Fahrradkinokombinat 
03.06.2019 Hamburg - Hafenklang 
04.06.2019 Amsterdam - Skatepark Noord
05.06.2019 Bremen - Sielwallhaus
06.06.2019 Antwerp - Music City 
07.06.2019 Recklinghausen - Akz 
08.06.2019 Mannheim - Pfingstfest at Juz 
09.06.2019 Modena - Handmade Festival 
10.06.2019 Milan - tba 
11.06.2019 Graz - Sub 
12.06.2019 Zagreb - Mocvara 
13.06.2019 Brno - Kabinet Muz 
14.06.2019 Vienna - Venster 
15.06.2019 Berlin - An Der Autobahn

Sunday, 21 April 2019


IDIOTA CIVILIZZATO will be hitting the USA next month, and will have a new 7" in tow!

The idiots are back with a follow up to last years powerhouse LP! Due to some wonderful visa issues the band are currently scattered around the world, but don't worry, the vibe of a midwest American hardcore band lost on the way to the infamous Virus squat in Milan (and we're talking pre-internet age of course, plus their A-Z isn't doing them many favours) is still strong. Four new tracks and a one time pressing.

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

NEGATIVE GEARS 12" coming soon

The debut 12" from Sydney's NEGATIVE GEARS is now up for pre-order:


Static Shock is pleased to bring the fully formed debut 12" from Sydney's NEGATIVE GEARS to the world, following a domestic pressing by Disinfect Records (Low Life, Oily Boys). Seven tracks of tightly wound post punk from a group of individuals that give you the feeling that they're looking at the glass not so much half empty, but long since spilt and with no replacement on the horizon. The type of anguish that makes you either want to scratch your head at the state of the world, or take a full on somersault onto a razor blade, being held up by an anonymous hand from your home country, much like the mateyboy on the front cover. If you've had time for bands such as DIÄT, INSTITUTE and MARBLED EYE, you should be taking 16 minutes out of your life for NEGATIVE GEARS too.

150 copies on white vinyl and 350 copies on black vinyl, housed in a reverse board sleeve with lyric sheet.

Check out a track here:

Pre-Order here.

Monday, 22 October 2018


'Raise Your Voice Joyce - Contemporary Shouts from Contemporary Voices' LP is now streaming in full and vinyl shipping out next week!

"Contemporary shouts from contemporary voices charting a small piece of the limitless history of women in revolt. Eight tracks; each one a history; a story; a biography, told through disparate styles, from early anarcho punk and UK82 to DIY snapshots of goth crossover – all bound together to cement an activated and radical disruption vita. Joyce is the revolting woman; a constant of history. Contributions from members of today’s UK and European punk scenes (Nekra, Subdued, BB and The Blips, Game, Good Throb, Arms Race, Sauna Youth, Terrible Feelings and more), RYVJ is a command, a demand and a well-spoken message for tomorrow." The 12" comes in a wraparound sleeve and an additional insert with lyrics and essays from all contributors.