Sunday, 15 May 2011


30th Jan 2011
The first of our releases for 2011 are now ready to order. One is the second in our occasional cassette releases and the second is a repress of Urban Blight’s last ep, which has been sold out for a couple of months, and I’m happy that it’s still out there and people still want it.

The Sauce are a new band featuring members of Fucked Up, Hygiene, The Shitty Limits and Trash Talk who play harrington punk influenced by the likes of Victimize and Disorder (Sunderland). Songs about Reading and recorded in Reading. This two track tape is probably the best thing you’ll ever hear. Pro duplicated tapes housed in badly photocopied sleeves, limited to 100 copies.

Repress of 235 copies on white vinyl. Following on from last years ‘More Reality’ 12″ ep on Slasher Records, Toronto’s Urban Blight are back with five new tracks of blown out hardcore punk. These new tracks, while still mining the Abused / SSD sound, also bring forth the Discharge and The Insane influence even more. This is hardcore as it’s meant to be. The 7″ comes housed in a 6 panel poster sleeve, to go up next to all of the Crass and UK82 ones on your wall.

The Brain F# 7″ is still available, although supplies are getting low and I don’t have plans to repress it for the time being. Their second single ‘So Dim’, just came out on Grave Mistake and I’ll have copies of that to sell very soon.

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