Monday, 20 June 2011


So, I'm now back from tour, which was great, and I'm thrilled to have a new release available to order!

After almost two years in the making, the DEAF MUATIONS 7" is finally now available to order. DEAF MUTATIONS is the brainchild of Dave Brown (also of Career Suicide) and they play violent, hardcore punk that wouldn't sound out of place on the Master Tape comp. The recordings on this 7" were originally released in late 2008 as a very limited cassette that didn't really make it out of Toronto. So needless to say, we're pretty thrilled to put this out and hopefully help this recording get the attention it deserves. At the request of the band, this is a one-time pressing of 500 copies.

Listen to 'Crash The Clubs' here:

Here's what Terminal Boredom had to say of the original tape:

Furious and burning straight-Eighties styled US hardcore EP-style tape
which would make for a better hardcore 7" A-Side than a lot of this
other bullshit wasting oil these days. Half of Career Suicide ditching
the "nicer", more accessible punk-style leanings of that group for a
more violent approach, with the always busy Jonah Falco (also the
drummer of Fucked Up for those keeping tabs) doling out guitar blaze
that could remind you of just about any band on the Master Tape and
Davis switching from drums to wild vox spitting. I'm sure the bass
player and drummer are in some other bands too, but hey, I don't know
everything. Three songs, perfectly raw recording, no bullshit moves,
pedal-to-the-floor intensity throughout. "Mutation Shuffle" sounds just
plain hateful and I hope they're writing "My Feces Pt.2" as I write
this. Pretty short tape though, I would've liked a few more

In other news, I've picked up a big bunch of new records that are now in the distro, about 40 titles in all for this month, including among others, the new MAD MEN 7", both new DOUBLE NEGATIVE singles, the DOLLY MIXTURE singles lp, THE SCIENTISTS reissue 7", SOCIAL CIRCKLE's tour ep, all recent Sorry State records releases and a bunch more. Also coming in the next few days is the CRAZY SPIRIT demo lp, the latest issue of Artcore zine, a Grave Mistake package, and a big load of records that will be saved for the July update, a lot of which won't be available many (if any) other places in the UK/Europe.

Upcoming releases in the works:
BRAIN F# - Sleep Rough LP

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