Tuesday, 22 November 2011

First reviews are in for 'Sleep Rough'

Reviews are starting to pop up for the Brain F lp already, check them out:

"This rules. I feel like this band used to be a two-piece? Well they aren't anymore, and the sound is less claustrophobic and total - more digestable. I can't decide what I prefer... I sort of like the stripped down attack of the 7"s. They used to remind me of a less downer/more garage-ier GUN OUTFIT mixed with this old Olympia band PLASTIQUE (that Sarah Utter used to be in, see the song "The K.I.L.L." for further reference). A million squirrely riffs and hooks crammed into each song, a band that sounds consumed by what it does but also sorta indifferent... It's got a garage-y swagger but it's not really garage, like the TYRADES on ludes? Watching the TYRADES while you're on ludes then starting a band?! Bad reviewer alert! Someone kill me! It's got the relenentless attack of the early WIPERS 7"s ("No Solution" and "Does It Hurt"), but it's not really that either, more all over the place. In short, this is punk rock. It's good and imaginiative and off kilter and somehow sounds bored and aggro, with male/female vocals. I can imagine this appealing to fans of the VICIOUS, people looking for a modern day Dangerhouse Records, it's just so relentless. (LG)"
(Maximum Rocknroll)

"Art-clutter via hardcore punk served in ten frantically paced dishes. Male and female vocals are your handrails as distortion and feedback are whipped around, inches away from your face. The sheer noise that’s being created makes this band sound twice as big and 3,000 miles away from the source. I’m absolutely positive it dominates live. Pick it up and get weird, ‘cause these songs makes the average punk band sound like music that a yuppie would listen to in order to help them fall asleep."

If you run a zine or blog and would like to cover this (and future releases), just drop me a line and I'll hook you up!

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