Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Hi everyone,
I have a new surprise release for sale today, courtesy of everyone's favourite (not) post punks from London and Toronto. Yes, HYGIENE have a new record out, and it's a Christmas single. You read that correctly.


Brand new seasonal single from Hygiene! This is limited to 150 copies, pressed onto red vinyl, and will never be made available again. This is singer Nat King Dole's take on the release:

"Remember a time when Top of the Pops was untainted by institutional complicity in the abuses of celebrity nonces?  When Tops of the Pops was a metaphorical hearth, gathered 'round to bathe in the glow of Christmas merriment?   Hygiene do.  With their new single 'Christmas Do,' they hearken back to a simpler time. A time when Christmas meant Slade, Wizzard, Elton John, Mud and Showaddywaddy on the radio at least 300 times a day.  Sleigh-bells are a-ringing' in this tribute to that most sacred of Christmas rituals: the office party.  As Hygiene sing "We're gonna have a Christmas Do," you can tell they really mean it.  Singer Nat King Dole IS ‘Mr. Christmas’!  It’s as if he has been possessed all-at-once by the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future (particularly the one played by David Johansen in Scrooged).  'Christmas Do' is so rousing that it will have even the most hard-hearted scrooges, Crass fans and Islamic extremists in your family wishing ‘merry xmas everybody’!   An instant Christmas classic, it is sure to feature in Morrisons adverts and Eastenders Christmas specials for decades to come.

Each record has been lovingly hand-pressed on festive red vinyl and comes packaged in a special Christmas card signed personally by the members of Hygiene.  This would make the perfect Christmas gift for that special someone in your life.  If your life lacks that special someone and you’re ‘lonely this Christmas,’ treat yourself to a copy of 'Christmas Do' and you might think twice about topping yourself on Christmas day.  This December, ‘step into Christmas’ with Hygiene and you’ll ‘wish it could be Christmas everyday’!"

You can order this right now from http://www.staticshockrecords.com/distro

If you are in America, I'd urge you to save postage, and order direct from Sorry State Records, who already have copies, and will be posted up for sale later today: http://www.sorrystaterecords.com


In other news, the debut 7" from Liverpool's Violent Reaction is now back in print (now on it's third pressing!) and is now packaged in an all new fold out 5 panel sleeve. Check out the artwork here:
I am down to under a hundred copies of this now, so if you are after this record, the time is probably coming to act. VR will be releasing their debut LP next year on Painkiller Records.


Following a promising demo last year, Liverpool's Violent Reaction finally release their debut 7" ep. Six tracks of undiluted hardcore punk that are more influenced by Discharge, Poison Idea, Out Cold and Blitz than the likes of Youth Of Today, VR is for those who like their straight edge hardcore a little more antisocial.Originally started as a one man project by Tom Pimlott (Sectarian Violence, Nowhere Fast), VR is now playing live with members of Stab and Abolition backing him up. Third press with 'proper' fold out picture sleeves and brand new updated artwork.


In other label news, Sauna Youth will be releasing a new single in a few weeks time, and I will post tracks and full info very shortly, but trust me, this is a total banger and I'm really excited about getting to do this one. Following that, in 2013 there will be releases from Creem, Perspex Flesh, Violent Future and more to come. It's definitely going to be a good year!

The distro has been fairly quiet lately, but I've just added a bunch of cool records and demos with a main focus on local bands from London, this includes a great benefit comp tape on Muscle Horse including brand new tracks from NO, Satellites Of Love, Woolf and more, Good Throb's debut 7", Shame's tape (which is totally killer) and a lot more. Check them out!

Thanks for all the support, as always.

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