Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The Love Triangle - European tour

The Love Triangle are going on a mammoth seven week(!) European tour starting next week. We've repressed the 'Clever Clever' lp for the trip which has been out of print for a few months. That one will be up in the store as soon as they are ready.  Some of the info is still a little sketchy, but check here for the FB page that will be updated when they get the details.

Check out the dates below:

6. Berlin
7. Copenhagen - Ungdomhuset
10. Finland w/ The Splits
11. Finland w/ The Splits
12. Finland w/ The Splits
13. Finland w/ The Splits
14. Stockholm
15. Oslo w/ P.U.F.F.
16.Sweden~ NEED HELP
17. Sweden ~NEED HELP
18. Hamburg - Komet. w/ P.U.F.F
19. West Germany~ NEED HELP
20. Amsterdam - Pacific Parc. w/ P.U.F.F.
21. Groningen - Vera. w/ P.U.F.F.
22. Kortrijk - The Pits. w/ P.U.F.F.
23. Brussels w/ P.U.F.F.
24. Sheffield - The Lughole. w/ The #1s
25. Manchester - The Crescent w/ The #1s
26. London - The Stags Head. w/ The #1s and Primetime
29. Paris - La Mechanique Ondulatoire w/ Dame Blanche and Pierre et Bastien
30. Marseille - Le Molotov

1. Lasarte - Sala Zulo
2. Madrid - Rock Palace
3. Valencia - La Residencia
4. Barcelona w/ The Splits
5. Lyon -Trokson w/ The Splits
6. Imperia - Arci Camalli w/ The Splits
7. Parma - Saletta Adorno/ CG Esprit w/ The Splits
8. Milan (tbc) w/ The Splits
9. Switzerland w/ The Splits NEED HELP
10. Switzerland w/ The Splits NEED HELP
13. Furth w/ Fluffers
14. Munich w/ Fluffers
15. Prague w/ Fluffers
16. Vienna w/ Fluffers
17. Graz w/ Fluffers
18. Slovenia w/ Fluffers ??? NEED HELP!
19. Zagreb w/ Fluffers
20. Budapest w/ Fluffers
21. Ostrava w/ Fluffers
22. Wroclaw w/Fluffers ??? NEED HELP!
23. Lublin w/ Fluffers
24. Warsaw w/ Fluffers
25. Dresden, Leipzig, or Poland w/ Fluffers
26. Berlin w/ Fluffers 

Frau and The #1s are also booking tours right now, and I'll post those dates up as soon as they are ready...

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