Wednesday, 24 September 2014

ULTRA-VIOLENT - Crime For Revenge 7"

Production has started on the new batch of releases, the first of which is going to be the first reissue on the label. ULTRA-VIOLENT's classic 'Crime For Revenge' EP!

Originally released on Riot City in 1983, it was the only vinyl outing for this band and in my opinion was probably the hardest sounding UK single of the era. This authorized and remastered reissue will also come with a collection of unreleased photographs and also the lyrics, which were not published at the time, alongside a few other cool bits and pieces. The first pressing will be 1000 copies, and is a split release with Video Disease Records. You can expect this one around late November / early December time.

Sadly, I'm unable to upload any tracks online due to licensing restrictions, but a few people have posted the tracks onto Youtube, so feel free to I urge to you check them out on there if you haven't heard this rager before, you won't regret it.

I'll be posting about the second release very shortly!

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  1. Brought this single when it came out on the first pressing. I couldn't believe the rawness I heard. Still regularly played.