Thursday, 8 January 2015


I've just uploaded a couple of tracks from upcoming releases to the label Bandcamp page:

The first one is from PERSPEX FLESH, who have just finished mixing and mastering their follow-up to last year's self titled LP. It's a 12" EP called 'Ordered Image' and you can check out the first track right here:

You can expect the record to be out in March.

Also at the plant right now is the UK/European pressing of the incredible 'Psychedelic Snutskallar' 12" from Austin's IMPALERS. This originally came out in the USA on 540 Records last Autumn, and I jumped at the chance to release it over here when offered. Check out the 11 minute(!) title track that takes up the whole of Side A below:

The Impalers will also be touring Europe this summer with New York's AJAX. More info to follow soon. The 12" is currently at the pressing plant and will be out for next month.

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