Saturday, 16 May 2015

Static Shock Gig Vol #77: IMPALERS (USA), AJAX (USA), NO & CULT SYNDROME

Static Shock Gig Vol #77

There are a few phrases you will always see in reviews for hardcore bands; "this rips!" or "totally insane!!" or even the occasional "fucking brutal!" But there here is something you don't hear every day: FINESSE. And I can think of no better word to describe Austin's Impalers. I could talk about the perfect drumming, the wailing solos, the expert riffs, or I could just call like I see it: this band is flawless, never boring, and a total banger on top of that. These boys have cut their teeth touring in various bands like Vaaska, Insect Warfare, Glue, Mammoth Grinder, Power Trip and countless others and playing on countless releases for more than a few years now and it shows. They almost has a later Cimex vibe without all the cheesy shit that made you afraid to admit that you liked those records. Like I said before, FINESSE. These guys know what the are doing and are here to make that very clear to you. Releases on 540, Beach Impediment, Trabuc, Todo Destructo and Static Shock Records.

Taking the blueprint of blistering USHC with riffs reminiscent of Swedish classics like Totalitär and one of the most powerful vocalists going today, Ajax have quickly become one of the most interesting contemporary hardcore bands. Featuring members of Warthog, Creem and Nuclear Spring and with releases on Katorga Works, Static Shock and Even Worse Records.

Ferocious dissonant hardcore focused in intensity and all-out rage. References to Midwest USA hardcore are often used to describe NO but while not completely off the mark they are just one of the many points of reference for this rather complicated band. NO are another living proof of how great the current UK hardcore crop is. Releases on Static Shock and La Vida Es Un Mus.

New London band playing ultra primitive hardcore punk.

Doors 8:00pm
£7 entry

Advance tickets available here:

Monday June 1st
The Black Heart
2-3 Greenland Place
Camden, NW1 0AP.

Nearest station: Camden Town (1 minute walk)

For more info on forthcoming shows, join this group and you'll be kept in the loop:

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