Monday, 17 August 2015

SHEER MAG UK / Ireland tour dates!

SHEER MAG are coming over for the first time this coming November! They will also be doing a full mainland tour, but for now, here are the dates for the UK and Ireland:

Saturday November 7th: Static Shock Weekend, London
Sunday November 8th: JT Soar, Nottingham
Monday November 9th: The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow
Tuesday November 10th: The Lughole, Sheffield
Wednesday November 11th: Dublin, Ireland
Thursday November 12th: Temple Of Boom, Leeds
Friday November 13th: The Lexington, London
Saturday November 14th: West Hill Hall, Brighton

Here's a video of them playing at the Boiler Room in Boston a few months back:


  1. Thank you for sharing your itinerary with us. I am hoping that you had a wonderful moment there and you enjoyed a lot. We are also planning some trip to ireland
    Thanks !