Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Out today: SHEER MAG - 'III' 7" and SRUTTER - 'S/T' 7"

Two new records are back from the plant and now ready to order!

SSR036/WRC-89-36: SHEER MAG - III 7"

"Sheer Mag return with another four tracker of all killers and no fillers on Wilsuns RC / Static Shock Records. Nothing has changed on this record at all - it's all epic riffs, a lo-fi and compact production, hooks galore and that soulful and gritty voice you already love. 'Can't Stop Fighting' is three and a half minutes of power pop meets classic rock and sits somewhere between the Shivvers and Thin Lizzy if such a place exists. 'Worth the Tears' is a little cleaner, mellower and soulful. Side two opens with the scuzzy and dense 'Night Isn't Bright' before the standout cut 'Nobody's Baby' - which sounds a 1978 classic rock hit that hints at Judas Priests' 'Living After Midnight' and Kiss in their prime. It's an instant pop nugget that sounds like a time long gone." (Sean Forbes)


Static Shock is pleased to introduce the debut EP from Austin's STRUTTER. Hot on the heels of a true ripper of a demo and a slew of US and Canadian dates with GLUE that the band closed out 2015 with, this four song 7" delivers more of their brand of raging hardcore punk, bringing to mind groups like WHITE PIGS and other frantic acts in that vein. Featuring members of IMPALERS, VAASKA, GLUE and THEE NODES. Each record comes in a glue pocket sleeve featuring full colour art by Scott Young. (Mark Shubert)

The first 100 copies come on clear/green vinyl and are available from the mailorder only. 

BTW, if you live in America, please order this from Beach Impediment, home of the bangers.

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