Thursday, 1 September 2016

New 7"s from WARTHOG and COLD MEAT out now

Greetings! We're starting September with two new releases, the third EP from NYC's WARTHOG and the debut EP from Perth's COLD MEAT. I'm really excited about these (they may actually be two of our best releases yet!) and I hope you like them too. Here's the info:

NYC hardcore punks WARTHOG return with what could possibly be their best recorded output yet. It's been a couple years since their EP's on Katorga Works and Iron Lung Records were unleashed upon us all and in that time the members of the Hog have perfected their particular formula and have finally delivered four more tracks of pounding hardcore savagery that stands out ten fold from most of the bullshit that fans of the genre are bombarded with on a regular basis. Are you a functioning human in a functioning world? Each record comes in a glue pocket sleeve along with a two colour risograph printed insert and download code.

White vinyl available for mailorder only.
Available in the USA from BEACH IMPEDIMENT records.

SSR045 / HSR019: COLD MEAT - Jimmy's Lipstick 7" EP
The debut 7" from this new band from Perth, Australia. Cold Meat bring you four tracks of snotty, snarky feminist punk which takes cues from somewhere in between the electric eels and the Nixe, as well as contemporary London punk. Although, really, this is just raw terse punk played with a certain amount of aggression and despair. You can feel years of anger and frustration condensed down into a four track / nine minute fuck you to toxic relationships, subjection and self doubt.

Pink Vinyl for mailorder only. The record comes with a reverse board pocket sleeve, double sided insert, download code, and the secret behind Jimmy's Lipstick. A co-release with Australia's HELTA SKELTA records.


In addition to these, we've added a bunch of new records to the distro from the likes of Arms Race, GLOSS, Mystic Inane, Heavy Metal, Jack and The Rippers, Barge, Good Throb and more.

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