Friday, 3 March 2017

SARCASM 7" coming soon

The test pressings for the debut 7" from London's SARCASM have just been approved and should be out next month. Here's a preview track:

SSR047: SARCASM - Malarial Bog EP
"Sarcasm from London release their debut EP on Static Shock after a great 5 Track demo 'Total Institution' on Far so Far in 2016. Sarcasm deal in angular post punk led by skeletal guitars and a locked in rhythm section. The vocals are nonchalant and sound like someone totally bored of life and everything that surrounds it. It just adds to the bleak and broody vibes that are sprinkled on each of the four tracks. The sound sits somewhere between a more sparse Crisis, The Fall - in the glory years on Step Forward Records and Hygiene. This is the sound of the past, the sound of now and the sound of dissatisfaction."