Friday, 1 December 2017

THE NUMBER ONES 7" out now

Hell has indeed frozen over, and the new EP from THE NUMBER ONES is now available!

SSR040: THE NUMBER ONES - Another Side Of The Number Ones 7"
"Three years since their debut LP, Dublin's The Number Ones return with a new four track EP that confirms them as kings of pop. ‘Lie to Me’ is a bitter sweet pop song that oozes golden melodies and youthful energy. After one play it’s stuck in your mind and after repeated plays you’ll wonder how you lived without this song in your life. It’s a mix of a classic Good Vibrations single and The Senseless Things before they signed to a major label. ‘Long Way to Go’ is the perfect three minute pop song that could have been released in either in 1979 or 1967. It’s a bubblegum nugget that hints at a record collection full of the Beatles, The Nerves and Protex. On the flip ‘You're So Happy I Could Cry’ keeps the energy and hooks coming whilst ‘Breaking Loose’ has bounce, charm and those gorgeous harmonies that will see the Number Ones possibly break into the mainstream pop world." (Sean Forbes)

Listen to the record here:

You can order the record here. The limited red vinyl has now gone, but black vinyl is still available:

The Number Ones are also touring Europe from March 23rd to April 7th. Dates will be posted as soon as they are good to go. 

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