Tuesday, 16 April 2019

NEGATIVE GEARS 12" coming soon

The debut 12" from Sydney's NEGATIVE GEARS is now up for pre-order:


Static Shock is pleased to bring the fully formed debut 12" from Sydney's NEGATIVE GEARS to the world, following a domestic pressing by Disinfect Records (Low Life, Oily Boys). Seven tracks of tightly wound post punk from a group of individuals that give you the feeling that they're looking at the glass not so much half empty, but long since spilt and with no replacement on the horizon. The type of anguish that makes you either want to scratch your head at the state of the world, or take a full on somersault onto a razor blade, being held up by an anonymous hand from your home country, much like the mateyboy on the front cover. If you've had time for bands such as DI√ĄT, INSTITUTE and MARBLED EYE, you should be taking 16 minutes out of your life for NEGATIVE GEARS too.

150 copies on white vinyl and 350 copies on black vinyl, housed in a reverse board sleeve with lyric sheet.

Check out a track here:

Pre-Order here.