Thursday, 16 August 2012


The VIOLENT REACTION 7" will be out in the next couple of weeks as soon as the covers are finished, so I figured I'd post a preview track for everyone to check out. Here's is the first song, called 'Forced Out':

Following a promising demo last year, Liverpool's Violent Reaction finally release their debut 7" ep. Six tracks of undiluted hardcore punk that are more influenced by Discharge, Poison Idea, Out Cold and Blitz than the likes of Youth Of Today, VR is for those who like their straight edge hardcore a little more antisocial.Originally started as a one man project by Tom Pimlott (Sectarian Violence, Nowhere Fast), VR is now playing live with members of Stab and Abolition backing him up. The record comes in an A3 wraparound sleeve and handstamped coloured innersleeves. First press is limited to 326 copies on black vinyl and is a split release with Quality Control HQ.

Here's a picture of what the records look like on my 'beautiful' desk:

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