Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Things have been slightly quiet over the last couple of months, but I have a bunch of releases out very soon!

First of all, I have two records from CREEM coming out at the end of May:

SSR018: CREEM - Curator 7"

This is a brand new four track EP, check out the track 'Rat Race' below:


This is a collection LP which features the S/T 12" (originally released on Katorga Works and Deranged), the Good Riddance / I Hate You 7" (originally released on Katorga Works) and the Demo together. A one off pressing for their European tour.

Following that in July will be the debut lp from THE LOVE TRIANGLE, which has just been mastered and sounds totally great. Artwork is currently underway. A track has already gone up online, and here it is:

Also out at the same time will the the second 12" from NO, which is currently being mixed. I'll be sure to post up a preview track as soon as that's good to go.

Finally, if you're in Europe, be sure to catch Creem and Nuclear Spring on tour in June:

Do. 06.06.2012 Kortrijk - The Pits

Fr. 07.06.2012 Basel - Hirscheneck

Sa. 08.06.2012 Bologna - Lazzaretto Autogestito

So. 09.06.2012 Zagreb - Attack

Mo. 10.06.2012 Budapest - Szabad az Á

Di. 11.06.2012 Vienna - Venster

Mi. 12.06.2012 Munich - Kafe Kult

Do. 13.06.2012 Leipzig - Zoro

Fr. 14.06.2012 Berlin - tba

Sa. 15.06.2012 Hannover - Korn

So. 16.06.2012 Bremen - Sielwallhaus

Mo. 17.06.2012 Hamburg - Ms Hedi

Di. 18.06.2012 Gothenburg - Skriket

Mi. 19.06.2012 Oslo - Blitz

Do. 20.06.2012 Off Day Copenhagen (@Dödsmaskinen)

Fr. 21.06.2012 Copenhagen - K-town Fest (@Dödsmaskinen)

Sa. 22.06.2012 Kiel - Kiel Explode Fest (@ Alte Meierei)

So. 23.06.2012 Münster - Cafe Lorenz

Mo. 24.06.2012 Paris - La Mecanique Ondulatoire

Di. 25.06.2012 Nottingham - JT Soar

Mi. 26.06.2012 Glasgow - The Old Hairdressers

Do. 27.06.2012 Leeds - Millwright Street Practice Rooms

Fr. 28.06.2012 London - The Grosvenor (early) / Limazulu (late)

Sa. 29.06.2012 Amsterdam - Occii

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