Wednesday, 5 June 2013

CREEM - Curator 7" and Tour LP out today!

Two new releases are out today!

SSR018 - CREEM - Curator 7"

New York's Creem return in 2013 with a brand new 4 track ep. Keeping
with their now trademark sound of Boston influenced hardcore punk with
touches of UK82, there are now additional touches of Kings Of Punk-era
Poison Idea in the mix, especially on the title track. Everyone who
writes label release descriptions love dropping stuff like this, but
this is honestly their strongest material yet. First press of 620

You can stream the record here: 

SSR019 - CREEM - Discography LP

Released to co-incide with Creem's Summer 2013 European tour. This lp
compiles their S/T 12" ep , the 'Good Riddance / I Hate You' 7" and
the demo tape (all of Creem's released material up to the brand new
'Curator' ep.) Infusing their beloved American hardcore with a
smattering of punk virility from over the years, Creem is hard punk
for hard punk fans. Remastered for vinyl by Will Killingsworth
(Vaccine, Ampere, Orchid) and housed in all new artwork. This lp is a
one time pressing of 518 copies.

CREEM also start their European tour tomorrow with Nuclear Spring, you
should definitely go see them if they are playing near you:
06.06.2013 Kortrijk - The Pits
07.06.2013 Basel - Hirscheneck
08.06.2013 Bologna - Lazzaretto Autogestito
09.06.2013 Zagreb - Attack
10.06.2013 Budapest - Szabad az Á
11.06.2013 Vienna - Venster
12.06.2013 Munich - Kafe Kult
13.06.2013 Leipzig - Zoro
14.06.2013 Berlin - tba
15.06.2013 Looking for a show. Email if you can help!
16.06.2013 Bremen - Sielwallhaus
17.06.2013 Hamburg - Ms Hedi
18.06.2013 Gothenburg - Skriket
19.06.2013 Oslo - Blitz
20.06.2013 Malmo
21.06.2013 Copenhagen - K-town Fest (@Dödsmaskinen)
22.06.2013 Kiel - Kiel Explode Fest (@ Alte Meierei)
23.06.2013 Münster - Cafe Lorenz
24.06.2013 Paris - La Mecanique Ondulatoire
25.06.2013 Nottingham - JT Soar
26.06.2013 Glasgow - The Old Hairdressers
27.06.2013 Leeds - Millwright Street Practice Rooms
28.06.2013 London - The Grosvenor (early) / Limazulu (late)
29.06.2013 Amsterdam - Occii

Also, immedietely following that, Hounds Of Hate (also featuring
members of Creem) will be doing Europe and the UK with Violent
Reaction (who's LP has just come out on Quality Control / Painkiller -
Get it!). I don't have the dates to hand, but I'm sure they'll be
popping up online shortly.

On the label side of things, as soon as the dust has settled here,
I'll immeditely be putting our next two releases into production which

SSR020: NO - S/T 12" (Brand new 12" ep - Video Disease records will
also be releasing this in America.)

SSR021: THE LOVE TRIANGLE - Clever Clever LP (Their debut album, it's
totally great. This will be a co-release with Sorry State Records.)

Following that will be a Violent Future 7" and the debut LP from
Perspex Flesh.

Finally, Static Shock Records turned five years old last week, and I
want to say thanks to everyone who has supported the label over the
last few years, it's always appreciated.

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