Monday, 23 September 2013

Some News - September 2013

I've been neglecting updating this for sometime now, but here is some news:

First of all, the debut lp from THE LOVE TRIANGLE is going to be out this weekend. It's called 'Clever Clever' and is pretty great. You can check out a track from it right here:

This is going to be a split release with Sorry State Records who are releasing it in the USA. So, you should order from there if American / Canadian, it'll be way cheaper and most likely way more convenient. The record release show happened a couple of weeks ago and I made up a bunch of test presses and hand marble painted some paste-on sleeves, they came out looking pretty cool and I have a handful left, which I'll put up for sale at the same time. There will only be a few though so you may want to act sooner rather than later if you care about that kinda thing.

Following that, in October the second 12" from NO will be released. This one is called 'Great Space' and features 7 new tracks, including this one:

The recording is a little rawer than the last one (although definitely not verging towards raw punk) and the songs more frantic. This is another split release, and Video Disease will be handling this one in the USA. So, same as before, order from them if it makes more sense. There will be a bunch on coloured vinyl for mailorder, and we'll both have copies for sale.

In November, the debut lp from PERSPEX FLESH will be making it's appearance, and it's one I'm really excited about. The record is being mastered at the moment, and I'll post a track nearer the time. Following that, 7"s from VIOLENT FUTURE and FRAU will be next. I'm not sure if these will be this side of 2013, but time will tell.

Finally, a few 7"s are currently out of print (URBAN BLIGHT, VIOLENT REACTION, and I'm also down the last copies of the second press of the CREEM 7"), but I'll work on represses when I get a chance. Thanks for the support as always.

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